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At the company level, mission success requires competent leaders capable of taking the initiative and acting independently in support of their higher commander's intent.  Combat engineer leaders must be highly motivated, physically, and mentally tough, and technically and tactically proficient in order to accomplish their missions and provide effective support to their maneuver elements.  The Sapper Leader Course is designed to develop tough, hard, and knowledgeable leaders who are confident in their abilities and capable of operating under the harshest of conditions.  The 28-day course is extremely fast paced and challenging. It will instill a high level of self-confidence and quickly enhance the cohesion within your unit.  The primary focus of the Sapper Leader Course is troop leading procedures using dismounted combat patrolling as the teaching vehicle.  The Sapper Leader Course is a leadership development school for combat engineers that teach skills critical to success on the battlefield.

The Sapper Leader Course is the premier leadership course for the Engineer Regiment.  It trains confident and competent leaders to thoroughly plan and aggressively execute combat engineer missions.  The training is challenging, but its rewards are great.  Both individual Soldiers and units benefit from the training.  Whether Sappers graduate or just complete the course, they return to home station with improved engineer and leadership skills which they can then pass on to their Soldiers.

There are two areas in which Soldiers must be proficient before attending the course; physical conditioning and the technical skills listed in section IX.  Most of the attrition is due to inadequate physical conditioning and an inability to satisfactorily perform the technical skills.  A tough physical conditioning train-up as well as refresher training in the listed skills will improve performance and increase the Soldiers likelihood of graduation from the course.

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Sapper Leader Course Packing List

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