About MPL

MilitaryPackingList.com was created by service members to make packing for military schools easier. We assembled a supply chain designed to get you quality products at reasonable prices. 

During our last deployment, I was training and studying for Ranger School when I wasn't pulling 12hr shifts managing base security. When we came back I had to scramble to get my packing list together at the last minute because Supply was busy with DEMOB. Thankfully, I had already attended Sapper Leader Course so I had the majority of the items, but finding everything that was required on the three-four page packing list took a significant amount of time away from my training and studying. I couldn't believe there wasn't a website that had all the packing lists and approved equipment already assembled.

When I returned from Ranger School (62-and-through, subtle flex lol), I took what I and my colleagues learned at Ranger, Sapper, Airborne and SFAS and created MilitaryPackingList.com. This is a one-stop-shop for all your packing list and training needs.

Everyone at MilitaryPackingList.com has been to Ranger, Sapper, or SFAS. We know double and triple checking your packing list can be stressful, especially when you get your slot at short notice. No one wants to be the guy who gets dropped for missing something. So we created the place for Soldiers from all components and duty stations to come and get anything they are missing last minute so they can focus on training.

We love to hear what you think of our site. We also love to hear the most up to date info about each school. If you recently graduated from Ranger, Sapper, or Airborne (NOT SFAS) reach out to us and fill us in on the latest info. If we find it valuable we will refund 25% of what you purchased on our site. Email us at admin@militarypackinglist.com or call us at (414) 369-2757. 


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