Boot Socks, Military Colors (Wool Blend)

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For Ranger School, you are required to bring fifteen pairs of socks.

For Sapper Leader Course, you are required to bring twelve pairs of socks.

For Airborne, you are required to bring five pair of socks.

For SFAS, you are required to bring twelve pairs of socks.

When I went to Sapper School, I brought super cheap socks like an idiot, and I got really bad immersion foot.  Later in my career, I went through Ranger and SFAS and I spent a TON of money on merino wool socks. My feet loved me for it but my bank account did not.

Basically what I am saying is you need to find a happy medium. These are a third of the cost of most high speed sock brands and will treat your feet just as well. Be mindful when you purchase socks because your feet are what get you through these courses.

This boot socks are made in the USA. They are specifically designed to be worn with tactical boots. They feature a cushioned sole for extra comfort and support. The blend of materials are soft yet durable and perfect for all day wear. 

The standard weight socks are 50% Wool, 30% Cotton, and 20% Nylon. 

The heavyweight socks are 85% Cotton / 15% Nylon and ideal for cold weather conditions. 


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