Camouflage Stick, Light Green and Loam

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(or like item)

This is a mandatory item, and you are required to bring three camouflage sticks. The packing list says "or like item" meaning that the little camo paint trays with the mirror in are acceptable, but I don't recommend those. You use face paint multiple times a day and those don't last long. I recommend the push-pop style face paint you see here because it's easier to apply and last significantly longer.

  • This Woodland Camo Face Paint Features A Light Green Side and A Loam (or Light Brown) Side
  • NATO Camo Face Paint Sticks Are Made with Lanolin and Mineral Oils (No Nut Oils Used) That Won’t Rub off Easily but Can Be Washed off Quickly with Soap and Water
  • Each Face Paint Stick Provides an Easy, Less Messy Way to Apply Camouflage Paint to Your Face with the Double-Sided Push-Up Design
  • Measuring 2 ¾” Long, the Face Paint Can Easily Store in Your Tactical Bag or Pocket
  • Each Army Face Paint Stick Has a 5-Year Shelf Life


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