Fire Starting Kit (5-Pack of Lighters / Waterproof Matches)

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For Ranger School, this is an optional item, but is a necessity for when you do tie-downs at the beginning of each phase of Ranger School.

For Sapper Leader Course, this is a mandatory item. You are required to bring a lighter and waterproof matches at a minimum. 

For SFAS, this is a mandatory item and you are required to bring two pair of eye-pro for the layout.

A classic lighter will do, but the windproof ones are nice to have. Obviously, there's a chance you'll use these to start fires in case of an emergency, but you'll definitely use these to burn the ends of your 550 cord after you do your tie-downs. We sell these in 5-packs because we've found that having extra lighters is always a good idea. If you are attending Sapper Leader Course, be sure you purchase Windproof/Waterproof Matches to complete your fire starting kit. 

Classic Lighter: Disposable, Multiple colors, Adjustable flame, Sold in a 5-pack.

Windproof Lighter: Refillable, Full-Sized, Butane Lighter, Sold in a 5-pack.

Windproof/Waterproof Matches: The waterproof container includes 20 matches with a striker surface on top and bottom. These matches are easy to light, each match stays lit for up to 10 seconds.

Note: A good trick is to wrap some 100 MPH Tape around a lighter (see pictures). This way you can quickly grab it if you need some without having to carry the roll in your pocket or having to stop and dig it out of your ruck. 


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