Luminous Tape

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For Ranger School, this is a mandatory item, and you are required to bring one 1" by 6" strip. You are required to bring this because you will sew cat eyes on your gear when you get back from CIF.

For Sapper Leader Course, this isn't a mandatory item, but you need this for the cat eyes that you have to sew on your patrol cap.

I would recommend that you bring more than a 6" strip of it though. This is very useful stuff at night. I've seen Soldiers mark the back each squads helmets with a different symbol so that at night you can easily identify which squad is which. 

  • Self Adhesive
  • Glows In Total Darkness After Exposure To A Light Source Glows Up To Four Hours
  • Can Be Used On Helmets, Escape Routes, Etc.
  • U.S. Made


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