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Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes

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Esbit Solid Fuel Ice Cubes are a lightweight, compact, and odorless fire starter for the great outdoors.

  • Each Cube Reliably Generates Roughly 12 Minutes Of Up To 1400 Degrees Fahrenheit Of Heat
  • One Cube Brings A Pint Of Water To A Rolling Boil In Under 8 Minutes
  • Non-Liquefying Formula Leaves No Ash Residue And Burns Capably At High Altitudes
  • Quickly And Easily Lights With Wooden Matches Or A Lighter
  • Extinguishable For Reuse
  • Non-Explosive
  • Ideal For Camping Trips, Survival Situations, And More
  • Fuel Cubes Comes In A Pack Of 12 Individually Packaged Water-Resistant Perforated Blister Packs