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M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX

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More than just gun oil, LPX is the next generation of Lubricant and Protectant for advanced military and law enforcement style handheld and crew-served weaponry used in extreme environment operations.

Replaces gun oils and dry lubes with the benefits of each and none of the issues (evaporation, separation, gumming, odor, etc.).

The highest possible protection against wear, humidity, and moisture, including salt water; leaves a long-lasting film that repels dust/dirt and will not evaporate – excellent for “ready-to-fire” long-term storage.

  • Replaces and outperforms traditional gun oils and dry lubes
  • Combines high quality synthetic oils and LPX additives
  • Unique technology is resistant to evaporation, separation and gumming
  • Formulated from technology with the lowest known friction coefficient
  • Temperature range (-85°F to 462°F)
  • Made in the USA and used by Marines and Soldiers of the U.S. Military 
  • NSN: 9150016014396

M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner should be used for periodic deep cleaning and removal of embedded fouling (Garrison Level Cleaning).

Good quality cleaning oil is not required at Ranger School or Sapper Leader Course, you can simply bring CLP from your unit, but if it saves your cleaning time and increases you sleep it's worth every penny. 

I only brought what was required and did not bring a pick set or cleaning oil and in return I got less sleep until I started borrowing from the people who did bring these items. I survived and tabbed without them but it wasn't a great look for me so yes I recommend them.