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This is a mandatory item, and you are required to bring one. This high quality Ringside Boxing MMA Mouth Guard is excellent for the one day of combative. During combative ensure you are going hard because you will get smoked if you're not, but be sure not to hurt your battle buddy.

Mouth Guard Fitting Instructions:

1. Bring water to boiling point.
2. Drop mouth guard in water for 10 seconds.
3. Remove mouth guard with tongs.
4. Place mouth guard immediately around upper teeth. It will be warm but will not burn.
5. Press tongue against the back of the upper teeth.
6. While holding the mouth guard in this position, suck out all the air and water until it comes to a tight fit around the upper teeth.
7. Remove from mouth and place und cold tap water.
8. If you do not get a tight fit the first time, repeat the procedure again.