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Rothco Chemical Lightsticks - 10 Pack

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Rothco's 10 Pack of Lightsticks are available in different colors and can glow for up to 12 hours!

  • A Must Addition For Your Bug Out Bag Or For Camping
  • Great For Costumes Or During Halloween Time
  • Comes In A Variety Of Colors
  • Around 12 Hours Of Glow
  • Lightsticks are sold as a 10-pack. Individual lightsticks sold here.

For Ranger School, this is an optional item, and the packing list says you are can bring twenty but you can definitely bring more. You can bring Green, Blue, and IR, but NO RED chemlights at Ranger School.

For Sapper Leader Course, this is a required item, and the packing list says you need to bring twenty Green or Yellow, ten Red and ten IR. Do not bring Blue chemlights to Sapper Leader Course.

I recommend bringing extra IR chemlights for both courses listed above, if you can because these are gold during patrols. 

During the first phase of Sapper Leader Course, you will wear yellow or green chemlights around your neck during PT. If a cadre member catches you slacking during the daily smoke session they will make you crack your chemlight. They use this as an visual indicator to everyone of who is not physically pulling their weight. 

The main thing you'll use chemlights for during the second phase of Sapper Leader Course and Ranger School is marking your patrol base so that your exfil goes smooth. In past courses, you could use IR chemlights to mark the center of the kill zone, as well as sectors of fire. Recently they do not allow this because the US military has noticed that most of our enemies have night vision capabilities. They also require you to have a red chemlight on you so that you can sign that you are injured at night. 

One trick that you can use is to wrap IR chemlight in black electrical tape and then use your knife to create a small opening on one side of that chemlight so that it is only visible from a certain angle. If you can't get your hands on IR chemlights, this method can be used with regular chemlights but I don't recommend using them on the objective.