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Rothco Cold Weather Gloves

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Warm, comfortable, and flexible, Rothco's Cold Weather Gloves provide unbeatable protection from the elements. 

  • Windproof Nylon Shell Protects The Hands From The Elements
  • Neoprene Panel At Knuckles For Enhanced Mobility And Dexterity
  • Leather Embossing On The Palms And Fingers Has Been Added To Improve Gripping
  • Themoblock Technology Provides Superior Insulation And Keeps The Hands Warm And Dry
  • Tricot Lining For Added Comfort
  • Ideal For The Extreme Cold Weather

For Ranger School, this an optional item. If you are going to a winter class you should bring a couple pairs of these. 

For Sapper Leader Course, this is a mandatory item if you are attending a winter class. Winter classes have a report date between 01 AUG (due to possible recycle) and 30 APR. 

For SFAS, this is a mandatory item for winter selection courses (October 15 - April 15) and you are required to bring one pair.