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Rothco Firetec Interchangeable Sport Glass Lens System

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Rothco's Firetec Interchangeable Sport Glass Lens System have been engineered to allow the user to quickly adapt their lens color from yellow, smoke or clear. 

  • Quick Interchangeable Lens System With Smoke, Yellow And Clear Lenses
  • Comfortable Nylon Frame And Temple And Soft Nose Piece
  • Adjustable / Detachable Strap
  • Micro Fiber Storage And Cleaning Pouch
  • Foam Padded Zippered Carry Case

For Ranger School, you are required to bring two pair of eye-pro. This is a critical item that will be grounds for dismissal from the course if missing during the layout. At a minimum, I'd recommend you bring a pair for each phase of Ranger School and a backup pair in case you lose one. That's four total for the 62 day course. 

For Sapper Leader Course, this is a mandatory item. You are required to bring three pair of eye-pro for the layout. 

For SFAS, this is a mandatory item and you are required to bring two pair of eye-pro for the layout.

Only bring clear lens for the courses listed above. We recommend bringing inexpensive eye-pro, because your eye-pro will get very scratched up and you will probably lose them. Instead of bringing two or three pairs of expensive eye-pro, bring six pairs of inexpensive ones and give two away during the duration of the course to your battle buddies that lose theirs. It will help your squad and help you on peers. No one gets their tab alone. There is no need to bring anything fancy.