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Rothco G.I. Glove Liners (Leather Glove Inserts)

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Rothco's Glove Liners (Inserts) are thin enough to wear as a liner but warm enough to be worn on their own. 

  • AR-670-1 compliant Olive Drab
  • 70% Wool / 30% Nylon
  • Comfortable, Breathable, And Warm Material
  • Made To Mil-Spec A-A-55119
  • Wear Under D-3A Black Leather
  • Made In The U.S.A

For Ranger School, these are critical items and grounds to be dropped from the course if you're missing them on a layout. Make sure you bring one pair of Black Leather Gloves and one pair of Glove Liners (Inserts).

For Sapper Leader Course, these are mandatory items and you're required to bring one pair of both the Leather Gloves and the Glove Liners or Inserts

You will likely never wear these while at Ranger or Sapper, unless you lose all your other gloves. Unfortunately, this is a mandatory item for both course.