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Rothco Gen III Silk Weight Bottoms

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Rothco Gen III Level I Underwear Bottoms are part of ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System) which provides extra warmth in cold climates.

  • Level 1 Of The ECWCS
  • Silk Weight Underwear Bottoms Are 100% Polyester And Wick Away Moisture
  • Anti-Microbial Properties Help Protect Against Bacteria
  • Anti-Odor Prevents Bad Odors
  • Features An Elastic Waistband And Access Fly
  • Pairs With Rothco's Gen III Level I Silk Weight Top

For Ranger School, you are required to bring two pairs of AR 670-1 Coyote Brown Gen III Silk Weight Bottoms. This is a critical item that will be grounds for dismissal from the course if missing during the layout.

For Sapper Leader Course, you are required to bring one pair of AR 670-1 Coyote Brown Gen III Silk Weight Bottoms.

For SFAS, this is a mandatory item for October 15 - April 15 selection courses and you are required to bring one pair AR 670-1 Coyote Brown Gen III Silk Weight Bottoms.

The silks and the waffles will be your best friend at these types of courses, despite what time of the year you go. You're going to be moving all afternoon and into the night. You'll be very sweaty and when you stop in your patrol base (if you're lucky), these will be your protector from the cold.