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Rothco GI Type Silicon Earplugs

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Protect your ears and keep loud noises at bay with Rothco's GI Type Silicon Earplugs!

  • Super-soft Hypo-allergenic Silicone Offers Unsurpassed Comfort And Protection
  • Three Ultra Thin Flanges Provide Exceptional Fit While Minimizing Pressure To The Inner Ear Insuring A High Level Of Acceptance Among Users
  • May Be Reused Indefinitely Simply Wash In Warm Soapy Water Without Compromising Flexibility Comfort Or Protective Capabilities
  • Reduces Noise Up To 23 Decibels
  • Work Great For Hunting Gun Ranges And More
  • Measures 32mm In Length And 15mm/6mm In Diameter

This is a mandatory item, and you are required to bring one pair. You should always wear your EarPro (hearing protection for you civilian folks) when you're firing weapons. I would never recommend that you do not wear them. I will say however that I didn't wear them unless I was on WPNs squad (240s are much louder than M4s). Firing Blanks out of M4s never bothered my ears but I'm sure it wasn't good for them.

Anyways, these are required and you will need them for every mission. Especially for the missions that you jump into or get inserted by helicopter.