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Rothco Low Profile Tactical Elbow Pads

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Low Profile and Lightweight Rothco’s Tactical Flex Elbow Pads Offer Superior Combat Protection.

  • Durable And Thick Flexible Thermoplastic Cap Provides Elbow Protection From Terrain And Other Harsh Elements
  • Dense EVA Foam Padding Cushions Your Elbows For Impact Absorption
  • Fasten Elbow Pads Securely With Dually Equipped Hook & Loop Adjusters To Provide A Precise Fit All Day Long - One Size Fits Most
  • Breath-Ability Mesh Interior Increases Air Flow For Temperature Regulation
  • Unique Low-Profile Flex Shaped Cap For Enhanced Mobility
  • Six Exterior Grommets Hold The Thermoplastic Flex Cap

For Ranger School, this is an optional item, but is something you will definitely want to bring. 

For Sapper Leader Course, this is a mandatory item, and is something you will definitely want to use. 

While you're on patrols you won't be able to set your ruck down for hours and when you do stop you are required to take a knee (this is so you don't fall asleep). When you have a 75lb ruck on your back you're going to want a barrier before your knee and the ground.