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Rothco Pace Counter (Ranger Beads)

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Rothco’s Pace Counter provides a simple and efficient method for measuring distance traveled by foot, especially in low-visibility situations. 

  • 13 Plastic Beads With A Four-Bead Top Section And Nine-Bead Lower Section
  • Approximately 18 Inches In Length
  • Durable Polyester Paracord Comes Pre-Tied
  • Perfect For Soldiers, Scouts, Survivalists, And More


  1. Determine the number of paces you take to cover 100 meters or any distance that is relatively long. It helps to do this a couple times and use the average. Each bead will represent that distance as you walk so using something like 100 meters is best.
  2. After you determine the number of paces each bead represents you are ready to start land navigation. As you walk from one point to the next count the number of paces you take. When you reach the number of paces that each bead represents move one of the nine lower beads from bottom to top. 
  3. After you move the ninth bead to the top (and have covered 900 meters) the next one you will move is one of the top beads from bottom to top. This will represent 1000 meters of movement. After you move a top bead reset all the lower beads back to the bottom position. 

For Ranger School, this is an optional item that you should definitely bring.

For Sapper Leader Course, this is an optional item that you should definitely bring.

For SFAS, this is an optional item and you are authorized to bring one.