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Rothco Polar Fleece Watch Cap

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Rothco's Polar Fleece Watch Caps are lightweight, breathable, and offer both comfort and warmth.

  • Lightweight And Breathable Polar Fleece Material For Enhanced Warmth And Protection
  • Comfortable Soft Fleece Won't Itch Like Typical Wool Caps
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Polar Fleece Beanies Are Used By The U.S. Military
  • Great For Cold Weather Activities Such As Skiing, Hiking And Hunting

For Ranger School, this is a mandatory item, and you are required to bring two.

For Sapper Leader Course, this is a mandatory item if you are attending a winter class and you are required to bring two. Winter classes have a report date between 01 AUG (due to possible recycle) and 30 APR. 

For Airborne, you are authorized to bring a watch cap during winter months (October-March). I recommend bringing multiple. 

For SFAS, this is a mandatory item for October 15 - April 15 selection courses and you are required to bring two.

I would recommend you bring at least three or even four to Ranger and Sapper School. You are going to lose stuff because you're tired, hungry and not thinking straight, it's inevitable. When your soaked in sweat from moving all day under your ruck in 90-100 degree weather, a 60-70 degree night can feel surprising cold. Also, cadre may want everyone to be uniform in your SQD/PLT/CO (it depends on cadre) and you don't one to be the one person who lost both of their fleece caps and is preventing everyone else from putting theirs on at 3 a.m. after a patrol. I always carried one in my cargo pocket, one in both sustainment pouches and one in the top flap of my ruck. If I lost one during actions on the objective I always had a backup and one for my battle buddy who may have lost theirs. It helped me stay warm and more importantly it helped me on peers.