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Sapper School Packing List Bundle

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Get prepared for Sapper Leader Course in minutes by buying many of the mandatory items at once. This bundle includes over 100 items, discounted an additional 30% below our already discounted price, saving you over $250.

Click here for the Sapper School Packing List Bundle contents worksheet. This worksheet breaks down exactly what you're getting in this bundle using the most up to date packing list as a template. 

We believe that you shouldn't have to spend +$1,000 to go to Sapper School. We encourage you to compare our Packing List Bundle to our competition (Ready Pack). You will see that ours is by far the most affordable. 

If you do the comparison, you will also see that our Packing List Bundle doesn't include any hygiene products. This is because we believe that Sapper School is not the place to try new razors or shaving cream. The last thing you need is your face to be irritated while your hungry and cold. Stick to the products you usually use and probably already have. 

Want an additional $50 off your order? If you buy a Sapper School Packing List Bundle and get your friend to buy one as well, we will give you both $50 off your orders. Just email us at the name of the person you referred after you both purchased the bundle and we will refund you each $50. 

Don't need a full packing list? We sell all these items individually as well! Check out our Sapper School collection here

If you have comments on how we could improve this bundle please feel free to contact us on our About MPL page.

Note: Your order will arrive in multiple packages due to the weight and size of this order.