Weapons Cleaning Kit, Small Arms

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(With the following items: 1 cleaning rod handle, 4 cleaning rods, 1 eyelet, 1 bore brush, 1 chamber brush, 1 two ended tooth brush, 1 pack of chamber patches, 1 small bottle of CLP)

A weapons cleaning kit is a mandatory item, and you are required to bring everything list above in the parenthesis. Make sure your small bottle of CLP is filled up during the layout. 

A cleaning pick & brush set is not mandatory but it's great to have when you're required to have a clean rifle before you can salvage what's left of the night for some much needed sleep.

Good quality cleaning oil is not required either, you can simply bring CLP from your unit, but again if it saves your cleaning time and increases you sleep it's worth every penny. 

I only brought what was required and did not bring a pick set or cleaning oil and in return I got less sleep until I started borrowing from the people who did bring these items. I survived and tabbed without them but it wasn't a great look for me so yes I recommend them. 


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